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Hello From The Hug!

(April 2008)

G’day all! Well, here we are again, another month has passed – but I’m not sure where it went!! Wow! We seem to have fitted a lot of things into March and hardly seem to have been home! It began with a surprise 30th party for one of my beloved Geek Boy’s sisters, then a quick trip to Bundy for an early birthday visit to my Grandma to coincide with a visit by one of my cousins from Western Australia. A few days later, I headed to Brisbane for a few days for a ‘sleep over play date’ with my best friend since year 4, Lynette. Then Mum and Dad came for a visit, which was a week of appointments and shopping and they were also here for my birthday (Dang! Have to remember my new age – took me a year to remember the last one!!). Then, Easter was upon us … you can see what I mean about not being home much!! So, as you can probably guess, the list of Tag Along Teddies tasks hasn’t had many crossed off – or even started! – this month. SIGH!! Maybe next month?!?!

While I haven’t completed the instructions for Berry Basket Bonnie, the third of my Tea Party Pals cloth dolls trio, I have made a start and am about half way through, so hopefully she will be available on the website by next Hello From the Hug! There is also a new Card Kit featuring a cute stitchery wall hanging that has some of the instructions written and should be ready by the end of the month. So, keep and eye out for both of these new patterns next month. I also found the perfect fabrics for the second pirate bear’s outfit, so he’s still in the ‘work-in-progress’ line up. Oh dear! Sounds like I’m going to have a very busy month, doesn’t it!! Guess it should keep me out of mischief – or not! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Now, something I have been planning for a while that HAS happened is the opening of the Tag Along Teddies Adoption Agency! I’ve been hard at work (during the few times I’ve been home!!) sewing some gorgeous bears from shabby chic style fabrics. They are old-fashioned style bears with button and thread jointed arms and legs and all have pretty bows, buttons and laces decorating them. They will make fabulous additions to any country or shabby chic home décor and are very genteel and well behaved – mostly! Tee! Hee! Hee! Several are already listed for adoption and I will add more as they are ready to go to new homes. These are the first range of finished products that I have offered for sale, so hope you enjoy them. While some bears may be made from the same fabric, no two are exactly alike, so like those of us who make and collect them, they are unique! Make sure you take a peek at the adoption page to meet these new floral bears.

Due to the extreme busy-ness of this last month, that’s about all I have to report from the Tag Along Teddies Hug as we go into April. I’m still blogging away and making lots of new friends from all over the world, so if you’re sitting down for a much-deserved cuppa, pop into the blog (shortcut button on the web site!) to see what I’ve been up to – there’s always lots of photos and funny stories about my daily adventures! And as always, I love to hear from other crafters, so if you’ve got questions, comments or suggestions, drop me an email.

Til next “Hello From The Hug”,



    ·        Are you like me and a bit messy when you’re sewing? If you end up with lots of snipped threads on your carpet/mat that the vacuum doesn’t always like to pick up, here are two things you can try. The first, is to wrap wide sticky tape around your hand a few times to create a band – sticky side out! Now, gently pat or stroke the tape band across your mat or carpet to pick up the threads. The second idea that I use most, is a simple clothes lint collecting brush. This also works REALLY well to pick up the fluff that gets EVERYWHERE when you’re working with towelling. Just use the brush the same way you do on clothes, cleaning it off regularly. This is best if you just have a mat in your sewing space, like I do and is a quick easy way to make the area look a bit cleaner without dragging out the vacuum – mine is nick-named “The Darlek” because it’s a rather old, large, heavy, grey vacuum that reminds me of the robotic aliens from the “Dr Who” TV series! EXTERMINATE! Tee! Hee! Hee!