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Part of my Hug!
While my personal hug of bears is too extensive to include in its entirety (it coveres most flat surfaces of the lounge room, our bedroom, the spare room, an antique sewing machine in the hallway ... you get the idea!!) I thought I would share some snapshots of some of my mohair babies.

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Rohan Bear &The Guardian of the Forest

Rohan Bear is the first mohair pattern I designed for sale & is named after one of our nephews. The Guardian of the Forest is the prototype of a limited edition mohair bear I sold through Bears on The Wharf, Mooloolaba. Also in the series was the Protector of the Forest and the Warden of the Waterways.

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Born to be wild!

This limited edition Harley Davidson Steiff bear was released in 2003 to commemorate the centenary of Harley Davidson motorbikes and 100 years of Teddy Bears. He's the pride of my hug!!

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Port bears

A limited edition Steiff Harley Davidon Bear & a limited edition Herman Harley Davidson Bear, chat with Emma-Jayne,a mohair bear I made who wears a dress smocked especially for her by a friend of mine & and a Gosfield Bear called Basil.

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A Trio of Bears

These were among the first mohair bears I made, all from commercial patterns. They usually live on on coffee table, while we balance our coffee on our knees!!.

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Rub-a-dub-dub, 2 Bears in atub!

Mohair bears, Sinbad and Rosie, share a nautical theme with a sailor doll my Mum kept as a souvenir from a cruise she enjoyed on the "Orcades" as a teenager.

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