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Congratulations to Leanne of Toowoomba who is the winner the “My Favourite Craft Project” competition with her version of the Tag Along Teddies pattern, “Olive Bear”. Leanne’s bear is called Matilda and turned out to have a bit more of a ‘country’ look than the original Olive, but isn’t she lovely!

Thanks so much to all who sent entries into the competition, I loved hearing about your favourite craft projects and seeing the wonderful photos that you sent. I had such a hard time choosing the winner for this competition, that in the end, I chose my three favourite entries and put them into a hat to draw out the winner! Some of the photos I received are now featured on a new “Brag Book” page for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by.

Thank you all again for sharing your favourite craft projects with me and I hope you’ll continue to send me photos of your new projects so I can add them to the Brag Book.


I made Matilda at a Craft Retreat over the weekend 9 – 11 November 2007. She’s my favourite project to date because she’s the first bear I’ve ever made. I’m not very good at sewing but I decided to take on the challenge at the craft retreat of doing something completely different to what I usually do. I honestly didn’t think that she would turn out very well and so I was very excited when she came to life on Sunday as the very loveable and delightful Matilda (no doubt due in large part to my wonderful teacher!) Always believe in yourself and take time to enjoy the simple pleasures like crafting with friends!

Leanne from Toowoomba


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