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Free Stitchery Design
As a special gift to all who have ‘tagged along’ to have a look at the Tag Along Teddies web site, I’ve designed a pretty garden stitchery panel for you to download free of charge. You can make it into a wall hanging, door hanger, cushion patch (as per the photo!), a panel in a quilt or a pocket for a bag. However you choose to use this free stitchery design, I hope you enjoy stitching it & take the encouraging wording to heart & remember – You are bee-utiful!


How To Use Your Free Stitchery Design

  1. Download your free stitchery design & print it.
  2. Centre & trace the stitchery design on a piece of natural homespun or calico 7 ½”x6 ½”.
  3. Centre fabric with traced design on a piece of 100% cotton quilt wadding & tack securely in bright coloured thread. (easier to take tacking stitches out later!)
  4. All stitching is done using two strands of embroidery thread. Follow the thread & stitch guides provided or choose your own colours & stitch away then make up into the article of your choice! Enjoy your new stitchery project, compliments of Tag Along Teddies!

Thread Guide

Bees, flight path & beehive door  -  Black
Hive  -  DMC 783
Hive Stand  -  DMC 3790
Vine  -  DMC 3364
Lavender Flowers  -  DMC 340
Lavender Leaves & Stems  -  DMC 503
Stocks  -  DMC 600, 605, 208, 3687 & 210
Daisies  -  DMC 743
Daisy Centres  -  DMC 976
Daisy Stems  -  DMC 3362
Iris Flowers  -  DMC 550
Iris Centres  -  DMC 742
Iris Leaves  -  DMC 500
Dot Daisies  - DMC 112
Writing   -  DMC 3364
Border  -  DMC 600


Stitch Guide

Vine: Back stitch with lazy daisy/detached chain leaves
Lavender Flowers: 5 wrap bullion stitch with fly stitch on end
Lavender Leaves: Straight stitch stem with fly stitch leaves
Stocks: Pairs of 3 wrap French knots & single 2 wrap French knots
Daisies: Lazy Daisy/detached chain stitches; centre: single, 2 wrap French knot
Iris Flowers: Lazy Daisy/detached chain petals; centre: two, 2 wrap French knots
Dot Daisies: four, 2 wrap French knots

Download design here


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