15 Jul 2020

Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never! 1 Hello everyone! Greetings to you all from the top of our VERY cold & blustery 'hill' today. We've hit the half way point of winter & I think winter is showing us it's just getting its groove on ... SIGH! Roll on Spring!!

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11 Jul 2020

Saturday Stitching Tips!

G'day from the top of the Great Dividing Range in south-east Queensland where it is a funny old  day weather-wise ... Perfect for stitching! Which I'm really hoping to do tonight after I finish my grown up chores & spend some time chained to the computer editing pattern templates. I think stitching & a good disaster movie will be my self-reward.

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7 Jul 2020

Winter Blues

I've got deadlines I should be working towards, I've got pattern templates I should be editing, instructions I should be writing, sketches I should be brushing up, washing that should be put away, emails to answer, dinner to prepare  ... But I did none of those things! Instead, I took advantage of a rare gale-force-wind-free day & spent some time outside.

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30 Jun 2020

Oops! Where'd June Go?

Calling all cars! Calling all cars! Be on the lookout for a missing month stolen recently. It goes by the name of "June" & was last seen trailing behind May.  If found please return to someone who seems to have lost it! (possibly in more ways than one! Tee! Hee! Hee!)

Yep, it's the end of another month in this strange & topsy-turvy year, which means ...

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26 Jun 2020


Well ... Here we are, it's Friday again & the weeks just keep slipping by at the speed of light, don't they?! Everyone jokes about how it will be Christmas next week ...

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20 Jun 2020

Freewheeling Friday!

Hello, hello! How is everyone this Saturday afternoon I hope you're all well & planning some fun stuff for the weekend.

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14 Jun 2020


What do you do when your trusty Husky decides she doesn't want to sew without knotting & breaking thread, you need to finish a project by a deadline & your weekend plans get cancelled due to husband's unscheduled work road trip?! Not sure what anyone else would do,

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12 Jun 2020

The Bells Are Jingling!

Hello, hello! How are we all this fine-and-not-too-frosty Friday?! There you go ... Confirmation of what day it is AND a weather report.

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6 Jun 2020

Winter Wondering!!

Well ... Here we are into June ... Its winter (Darn it!) and I'm wondering ... Where the heck did the first half of the year go?!?!

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30 May 2020

Winter is Coming

Actually ... Winter well & truly arrived last weekend. The temperatures stayed in single digits & the "feels like" temps would have made a penguin feel at home!

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